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Leeland Express - Storage Area Clean-out

Good evening,

It's cold and rainy, with a mix of snow - perfect weather to send a note about preparing for the summer swim season.  

On Saturday, 14 Jan, from 9am til noon there will be a Clean-out/Clean-up session at the Clubhouse.  In brief, our team has accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the last 12 years...our objective on the 14th will be to take stock of our equipment, organize our shelves and generally de-clutter our area in the basement of the Clubhouse.  

We're looking for parents and team members to volunteer.  This is a great way to help begin the process of setting up for the 2023 swim season.  Also a great opportunity to log service hours (letters will be provided on Saturday, as needed).  

Please RSVP - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4EAAAD2AABF85...


Jeff Spinnanger

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